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Yoga is an ancient technology of well-being designed to prepare human body and mind to attain the highest possibilities. It is a perfect solution to alleviate the side-effects of modern age hectic lifestyle which creates physical disorders and mental disturbances resulting in various chronic diseases related to body and mind. Yoga practices have been considered as effective complementary therapeutic procedures by many healthcare practitioners. Yoga heals the body and mind to alleviate disorders and cultivates strength and flexibility in the body and inner tranquillity for peace of mind. Yoga increases the level of awareness and enhances the performance of the practitioner in every step of life.

Course Curriculum and Teaching Faculty

Rishikesh Yoga Academy organizes 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training program for inspired Yoga practitioners to deepen their personal Yoga understanding and enhance their Yoga practices. Advance 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training course has been designed to take the personal Yoga practices of the participants to next level of excellence along with cultivating efficient Yoga teaching skills in them to transform Yoga aspirants into proficient Yoga teachers.

The course curriculum of 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training includes classic Hatha Yoga and popular Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga as well as detailed explanation of body alignments of respective Yoga postures. Effective pranayama methods (breathing techniques) and powerful meditation techniques are also included in the course curriculum.

Additionally, Ayurveda Therapy procedures for body purification and detoxification are also encapsulated within the syllabus of 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training program offered by Rishikesh Yoga Academy which includes basic concepts, principles and philosophy of Ayurveda teachigs along with their implementation to gain sustainable health. The syllabus also covers introduction of various dosha as well as identification and application of herbs to alleviate and cure ailments.

Rishikesh Yoga Academy conducts 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training course under highly qualified and proficient Yoga masters who have years of experience and are dedicated to deliver authentic Yoga Teachings according to the international standards established by Yoga Alliance USA.

Rishikesh Yoga Academy

300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course Curriculum

The multi-styled Yoga course curriculum has been designed with an intention to take the personal Yoga practices of the participants to the next higher level of proficiency and to further enhance the teaching skills to conduct and manage Yoga classes more efficiently and effectively. The advance 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training includes –

Yoga Styles Meditation techniques Yoga Therapy
Classical Hatha Yoga and its practices: Levels of Concentrations and its Refinements Shat-kriyas (Cleansing) and other related therapies.
Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Pranayama Humor therapy.
Iyengar Yoga External Pranayama series upto 2 variations are included in the syllabus Yoga for Neck Pain and Back Pain as well as Yoga for arthritis and Migraine.
Sivananda Yoga Anatomy & Psychological study of Inhalation and Exhalation Yoga for diabetes and hypertension as well as Yoga for constipation.
Transformational Yoga and its practices Kumbhaka (Retention) and Pause less or Continuous Breathings Other therapeutic application Yoga is also included in the course curriculum.
Mantra Yoga and its variation Anatomy Yoga for headache and migraine
Various mudras (gestures) and bandhas (locks) are included during Yoga practices Anatomy of spinal cord and digestive systems as well as anatomy of nerves system and respiratory systems. Yoga for arthritis and asthma
Yoga for positive health
Yoga for cardiac disorders
Basic Ayurveda Teachings (Last 2 weeks) Scriptures & Discourses Teaching Methodologies
Basic knowledge of Ayurveda. Introduction to Yoga Sutras, Shiva Sutras, Bhagawat Gita Understand what is teaching and its importance
Principles and concepts of Ayurveda. Complete understanding of yoga on the basis of philosophy and spiritual knowledge Teaching methods used for teaching yoga
Philosophy of Ayurveda. Study of the entire Yoga hypothesis on the basis of ancient scriptures How to be a good teacher
Introduction to doshas (ailments) Devise methods that enhance teaching
Introduction of herbs to alleviate and cure dosha.

Course Features

  • Registered Yoga school (300-RYS) recognized by Yoga Alliance USA conducting 300 Hours YTT course.
  • Advance 300 Hours Yoga TT course in an ancient spiritual city of Rishikesh – world Yoga capital.
  • 300 Hours Yoga TT course in serene environment surrounded by fascinating beauty of Himalaya Mountain and river Ganges.
  • Take your personal Yoga practices to next level with Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practices.
  • Advance Yoga postures and body alignments are taught by proficient Yoga masters.
  • Learn authentic Ayurveda therapy procedures under qualified Yoga masters.
  • Powerful Meditation and Pranayama techniques included in the course curriculum of 300 Hours YTT program.
  • Special discourses on ancient scriptures and Vedas by renowned spiritual masters.
  • Modern lifestyle accommodation facilities are available with 24×7 Wi-Fi connectivity for the aspirants.
  • Pure vegetarian organic food is available for the participants of 300 Hours YTT course.
  • Internationally recognized Yoga Teacher Training certificate is rewarded to the successful participants of 300 YTT course.
  • Successful participants are allowed to register with Yoga Alliance USA to become certified Yoga teacher.

Rishikesh Yoga Academy

300 Hour Yoga TTC

  • 03rd February 2018 to 02sec March 2018
  • 05th June 2018 to 30 June 2018
  • 05th September 2018 to 03rd October 2018
  • 05th November 2018 to 03rd December 2018


  • 05th January 2018 to 03rd February 2018
  • 05th February 2018 to 03rd February 2018
  • 01st March 2018 to 28 March 2018
  • 05th April 2018 to 03rd May 2018
  • 05th May 2018 to 03rd June 2018
  • 05th June 2018 to 03rd July 2018
  • 05th July 2018 to 03rd August 2018
  • 05th August 2018 to 03rd September 2018
  • 05th September 2018 to 03rd October 2018
  • 05th October 2018 to 03rd November 2018
  • 05th November 2018 to 03rd December 2018

Daily Schedule

  • 6:00 A.M. ~ Wake Up Time.
  • 06:30 To 8:30 A.M. ~ Yoga & Pranayama
  • 08:45 To 9:30 A.M. ~ Breakfast
  • 09:45 To 11:00 A.M. ~ Patanjali Yoga Sutras
  • 11:00 To 12:00 A.M. ~ Anatomy
  • 12:00 To 12:30 A.M. ~ Chanting
  • 12:30 P.M. ~ Lunch Time
  • 01:00 To 03:00 P.M. ~ Free Time
  • 03:00 To 03:30 P.M. ~ Tea Break
  • 03:30 To 04:30 P.M. ~ Sanskrit Class
  • 04:30 To 07:00 P.M. ~ Yoga & Meditation
  • 07:30 To 08:30 P.M. ~ Dinner
  • 08:30 To 09:00 P.M. ~ Satsang

Rishikesh Yoga Academy

Food and Accommodation

Food –

“You are what you eat and you become what you think”

In our Rishikesh Yoga Academy, we make sure that the diet provided to our yoga teachers training students is as pure and organic as the art of yoga itself is. The daily meal schedule includes healthy breakfast to start your day, nutritious lunch, light but fulfilling dinner, tea, juices etc. The food is prepared with utmost care by our Ayurvedic chef who have been cooking delicious organic & sattvic food for our Yoga teachers students since years.

So the meals provided are –

  • Sattvic that means its 100% Organic
  • Freshly prepared with vegetables grown in our own gardens
  • Full of proteins, vitamins & important supplements
  • Herbal Tea, black tea, Ginger lemon Tea
  • Vegan food as desired by most of the students
  • Fresh juice that taste heavenly and hydrate the body
  • Gluten Free food

Accommodation –

We provide the best accommodation during your stay for yoga teachers training course in our academy. The rooms are cosy and comfortable with all the important facilities required during your stay. We understand that your sleep is as important as your practice sessions, hence our accommodation has a calm surrounding for you to enjoy peace at best.

While your stay with us as a yoga teacher trainee you would be provided with –

  • Free Wifi
  • Free Wifi all over the campus
  • Small Study or Side Tables
  • Hot & Cold water
  • Washing Machine
  • Rooms with best views
  • Clean & Purified water
  • Clean Blankets
  • Private attached bathroom
  • Attached bathroom

Rishikesh Yoga Academy

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    Rishikesh Uttarkhand, North India
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Rishikesh Yoga Academy

Successful Stories

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It was so much exciting and wonderful to see how teachers help us removing all shorts of obstacles coming along while doing our practices. I am really impressed and would like add my expression of thanks to everyone including my classmates.

Katherine, LA ...

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I would be happy to recommend Rishikesh Yoga Academy to anyone who is willing to deepen his or her understanding of ancient yoga teachings to take the practice to the next level for sharing the experience with others.

Josefina Hernandez, Mexico

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200 hours yoga teacher training course is a turning point in life that changed the way I look at life for something wonderful which happening from inside.

Samantha Ortiz, United States